Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OMG, Has it Been a Year?

Wow, time flies when you are doing something you love.  We are celebrating the first anniversary of the publication of  The National Bank Examiner, a financial services issues blog .  We went from zero to 12,866 page views as-of noon today, with 1,508 page views in just the last month.  The latest monthly volume of page views translates into a pro-forma annual total of 18,096.   For a blog devoted to the arcane topic of banking supervision and regulation commentary, that seems like a nice large and very satisfying number of  visitors.  Thank you all very, very much for being readers.  As another year begins, I'm looking forward to continuing the tradition of  "Adding Another Voice to the Mix".

One question that I have been getting many e-mails on, is whether the blog title, The National Bank Examiner, is focused solely on federally-chartered banks and savings associations.  Not at all.

The blog title was intended to be some wordplay meant to combine my background as a National Bank Examiner (retired) and the "Examiner" mastheads of some current newspapers and news sites - The San Francisco Examiner,  The Washington Examiner, The Glen Innes Examiner, etc.   So you can take meaning from the title, The National Bank Examiner, by reading it slowly, one word at a time, or as a complete phrase.  The National Bank Examiner analyzes and comments on issues related to the entire global financial services arena.

All revenue from what little advertising exists on the National Bank Examiner is sent to the Humane Society of Nassau County in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  This no-kill animal shelter's present facility is more than 40 years old, open-air, crudely roofed, and dilapidated.  Nassau County, Florida is an area where daily temperatures can reach 95+ degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and fall below freezing in the winter (it does get that cold here, it is North Florida).  The Humane Society is trying to raise funds to build a proper cat and dog adoption center and shelter.

As the end of the U.S. tax year approaches and you review your plan for tax-deductible charitable giving, I want to encourage you to consider helping the Humane Society of Nassau County meet its fund raising goal.  They accept online donations.  This new Adoption Center will make a world of difference for some very needy animals. Your kind and valuable financial contribution would help make it a reality.

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